Our mission is to create low sugar, great tasting & healthy beverages with real fruit.




“Our mission is to innovate low sugar, probiotic functional products that taste great.”

Created by two brothers with a core passion for wellbeing and inspired by the lifelong practices of their mother and her personal quest for wellness, Jiva products are all inspired by our ancient Sanskrit heritage.

Why kombucha?

We entered the functional beverage space looking to solve a problem.

Growing up, we found ourselves part of the functional beverage explosion. From energy to isotonic, coconut water and raw press juices.

The issue we continually encountered at the time was that none of these products solved a serious concern:

Sugar & beverages

We are not just another ‘Kombucha company’. Our focus is on creating a Kombucha base which is versatile and easy to incorporate in other functional products.


“Jiva is Sanskrit for Life”


The Jiva difference:

“We knew about kombucha, but struggled to deal with the intense vinegar taste. In 2015, we focused our attention on creating a unique probiotic blend based on own proprietary manufacturing process and ‘Scoby’ to create what people refer to as the ‘Jiva’ Kombucha.”

Different from every other kombucha on the market, Jiva’s raw organic fruit infusion not only brings a real flavour to each handcrafted beverage but our process allows for lasting tasty freshness.

Each flavour has been inspired by our Australian love of beverages and the drinks that we enjoy! Only now, we can enjoy them with a refreshing, tasty, low sugar probiotic benefit.

– The life team at Jiva.

JIVA Kombucha Product Range

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Real means real

We only use locally sourced fresh, real fruits. Our high quality ingredients are handpicked and thoroughly reviewed before every batch to ensure consistent lasting quality.

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Organic certified

Jiva is NASAA certified organic. All our fruits are locally sourced by our trusted suppliers who respect the principles of organic certification and understand our high quality requirements.

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Made in Australia

We love our home and believe in promoting local industries and our partners. We pledge to always promote made in Australia from organic & locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

‘We are a little in love with our Jiva Kombucha - mainly because they’re delicious but also because they have 4 different probiotics, all of which create a healthy & active gut. Winning all round’

Indigo Double Bay

‘We can’t get over how good our new @jivakombucha drinks and their amazing packaging!

Grumpy Baker

‘I’m so happy that I found one of my fav drinks @jivakombucha in #singapore@carrotsticksandcravings . I used to get this back home and still get it every time I go back to Sydney and I absolutely love it. It’s a handcrafted healthy drink made in Australia and It’s just delish ??so I highly recommend it ✨


“The best Kombucha I’ve ever tried...and lets just say we get samples dropped off every week, but this one really stands out from the crowd!”