Our story

In 2015, we launched JIVA Kombucha, a health-conscious drink made in Sydney with fresh fruit, our proprietary MOTHER culture, and much love. This uniquely fruity kombucha set a new standard for premium wellness beverages in Australia.

In 2020, we launched JIVA Tonics, aiding our health-conscious community in integrating wellness into their lives. Collaborating with nutritionists, we selected natural ingredients to craft nutrient-rich recipes.

Since our JIVA Tonics launched, we’ve been developing a range of JIVA Enhanced Waters with the aim of bringing something entirely new to the market. Centred on holistic wellness, our Enhanced Sparkling Waters contain natural ingredients to optimise your health, life, and overall wellbeing.

Our philosophy

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the course of our journey, it’s that wellness is first and foremost about how you feel

Not only do we believe that our beverages should taste great, but we also want them to give you that ‘jump out of bed in the morning’ feeling, so that you can tackle whatever your days throw at you. 

By incorporating the highest-quality ingredients, from organic fresh fruit to time-tested herbal remedies, we ensure that feeling good is fun. Mix up a mocktail, start your morning with a shot of tonic, or simply pop open a kombucha on the beach – with a life well lived, the possibilities are endless.

JIVA in the press

”Sometimes if you're feeling peckish, it's not always food you're craving. Jiva's kombuchas are perfect when you're feeling the need for a 'little something'. These gorgeous bottles of 'buch are all handmade in Sydney with seven fun flavours up for grabs.”
"Handmade in Sydney from the freshest locally-sourced ingredients, JIVA (the Sanskrit word for ‘life’) is a kombucha high in antioxidants and amino acids. The flavour not to miss is the Watermelon and Mint – perfect for sipping on come summertime."
"JIVA Products continues to lead the way in the functional beverage space with the introduction of its nutritionist-approved sparkling waters (enhanced waters) and tonics."
Emi Berry
"In a conscious nod to mindful consumption, JIVA prioritises a low-sugar approach without compromising on taste. The drinks are designed to be a guilt-free alternative, providing a satisfying option for those seeking a healthier alternative in their daily hydration routine."
Amanda Saymour

The best ingredients make the best beverages

Wonder what makes JIVA taste so great? All of our beverages are made with the most exceptional locally sourced and raw ingredients. Taste the difference for yourself. 

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